Your A.I. Management Consultant
Supply Chain

We help CPG and Retail Firms who have

Repeat Buyers
like consumer products, consumer services or scientific reagents
Portfolios of SKUs
like flavors/scents, workout types, formulations or investment types
Customer Sales Data
from a Loyalty Program, eCommerce sales or retailer data buy-back
We Optimize Marketing and Supply Chain Processes
Rapidly Deploy Best-Practice Optimizations with Data Integration and Business Outcomes Included
Our A.I. Management Consultant learns a predictive model of the buying behavior of every customer. Our applications optimize outcomes by knowing what is and could be true of each customer.
when do your customers convert to routine buyers? When do they Churn? keyboard_arrow_up

Unlock each SKU's limits to growth by quantifying every aspect of the customer journey. Our models quantify how customer buying behaviors–like purchase frequency and intensity–change across phases of trial, habituation, routine purchasing and loyalty/churn. We help you tweak products or messaging to increase sales and maximize customer retention.

What purchases do your segments predict? keyboard_arrow_up

Many companies struggle to action against classic segments based on demographics. Our models learn actionable segments based on multiple dimensions of customer buying behavior. We help you maximize engagement and cross-selling by using our behavioral segments to improve your existing targeting, personalization and new product innovation systems.

How do you customize retail guidance for each retail location? keyboard_arrow_up

Just as different customers prefer different products, every retail location experiences a unique demand profile of preferences, seasonality and regionality. We learn a unique model for each of thousands of retail locations to help you maximize sales while keeping both inventory and stock-outs under control.

What portion of your sales are driven by ads, promos and trade spend? keyboard_arrow_up

Are you confident your Marketing Strategy correctly allocates budget across ads, coupons, merchandising and other trade spend? Our models disentangle the drivers of sales to lower your cost of customer acquisition by increasing the ROI of your current spend.

Which of your Business Units have the highest R&D and Marketing ROIs? keyboard_arrow_up

Under the surface, most companies have wildly different ROIs on marketing and R&D across business units (BUs). Our models disentangle how productive each BU is with staffing, capital, R&D, advertising, other inputs and macroeconomic trends to reveal your optimal R&D and marketing allocations across BUs.

WP Marketing Solution Map
We Provide Software and Integrations to
Optimize Each of these Core Marketing Processes
WP Supply Chain Solution Map
We Provide Software and Integrations to
Optimize Each of these Core Supply Chain Processes
Traditional Process Improvement Solutions
Often Fail
Data Integration
of Data Lake
Spending is Waste
Tools for an Army of Analysts
Yield Poor Process Integration
of Analytics Pilots
Fail to Convert
Custom Development Teams
Have to Reinvent the Wheel
of Digital Projects Go
Over-Time & Budget
Management Consultants
Not Accountable for Outcomes
Well Principled Technology Delivers Outcomes
Our Software Replaces Analysts with Automation and Advice with Optimization
Well Principled Business Model
Our Hybrid Software + Service Delivery Ensures Outcomes
Software with Outcomes

We own the delivery of custom outcomes like a consulting company and deliver with the speed of a software product company. This hybrid model ensures our technology is creating value for your business instead of sitting on the proverbial shelf.

Deep Embedding

Our field team of Engagement Managers and Engineers partner with your org to remove blockers, customize our solutions and ensure value is delivered. We structure relationships with your leadership and experts to maximize that value.

Well Principled Models
Predictive Model Building Blocks of our A.I. Management Consultant
Well Principled Investors
We're Backed by the Top VCs and Researchers in the World