Well Principled About
What We Do

Well Principled was built to close "the practice gap:" while the academic business literature is full of sophisticated optimization models from marketing to operations to strategy, those models lie beyond the reach of almost all firms. We built our technology to span the practice gap from end-to-end, to ensure that our customer businesses can choose to operate on the efficient frontier.

Who We Are

We are a team of creative and rigorous mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and MBAs with a passion for creating exponential value using technology. We use Well Principled computer science and math to build systems more automated and more trustworthy than previously possible. We use our Well Principled business model to ensure we generate and capture exceptional value together with our customer partners.

Well Principled Leaders
Founding Team
Ryan Richt Founder & CEO

Ryan has galvanized teams with bold vision and disruptive, patented innovations since 2003. Ryan transformed distributed analytics across an academic lab, his first bootstrap startup and computational biology and cloud teams at Monsanto. He grew VC-backed CiBO from 7 to 70 engineers and data scientists. Ryan holds an MBA and BA prob/stats from Olin and WashU.

Kate DeWulf VP Product & Customer Experience

A leader in customer experience, strategy and innovation, Kate has advised both Fortune 500 and SMB firms through the digital transformation of their businesses. She operates cross-functionally and has a strong background in data analytics and customer growth. Kate earned her MBA from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Joe Wingbermuehle Co-Founder, Principal Platform Engineer

Joe has spent 15 years building foundational platforms, briefly for middleware at AT&T, and then for startups across FPGA-accelerated high-frequency trading, accelerated ETL, machine learning based network security (acquired by Cisco) and hybrid AI/physical models of global-scale crop simulation. Joe holds a BS in applied math and a PhD in computer science from WashU.

Chris Shafer Co-Founder, Principal Engagement Engineer

Chronically the first customer-facing engineer, Chris has delighted customers with deep-data applications from corn germplasm catalogs to global satellite data and environment simulations. Marshalling his broad expertise from cloud architecture to data visualization, Chris delivers outcomes customers love and leads solutions teams to productize them.

Michael Kiwala Senior Software Engineer

Michael finds practical solutions to complex problems. From implementing petabyte-scale workflows for cancer genomics to global-scale satellite image analysis for agriculture, he is excited to continually learn new domains. Especially adept in technical and scientific domains, Michael takes satisfaction in digging in to a problem and working hard to implement a solution.

Jorge Montero Senior Software Engineer

Jorge chases difficult problems wherever they are, from high availability real time systems at Stripe to retail analytics at Home Depot. With experience across banking, agriculture, biotech, retail, telecommunications and HR, and in companies big and small, Jorge delivers the critical systems enterprises rely on.

Jacob Taylor Software Engineer

Jacob tackles problems head-on by quickly seeking out and assimilating new skillsets. His diverse work experience ranges from building data ingestion pipelines and backend infrastructure, to creating and improving scientific literature-backed crop growth models.

David Worn Strategic Adviser

David Worn is an educator, entrepreneur and investor. Most recently, David served as President and CEO of CiBO Technologies and as a Director at Palantir Technologies where he helped build one of the world's most valuable private software firms. Prior to joining Palantir, he was an analyst with the Department of Defense and an engineer with the MITRE Corporation. David earned his BA in Asian Studies from Cornell University and his MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University. He was a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has lectured as an adjunct professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.David splits time between Boston, MA and Charlottesville, VA with his wife Carrie and their two sons.

Dr. Anne Marie Knott Chair of Science Advisory Board
Professor of Strategy at Washington University in St. Louis

Originally an engineer and later program manager for missile guidance systems at Hughes Aircraft Company, Anne Marie became a professor of business and revolutionized our understanding of innovation. She invented the first and only predictive measure of firms' R&D productivity. After earning a masters and PhD from UCLA, Anne Marie's work has been consistently published in top academic journals. She now holds the Robert and Barbara Frick endowed professorship at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on innovation in the large and small—including both entrepreneurship and enterprise R&D. Anne Marie has published numerous Harvard Business Review articles, as well as books on both topics: Venture Design (entrepreneurship) and How Innovation Really Works (enterprise R&D).

Using a rare combination of well principled theory and real world empirics, Anne Marie has shattered conventional views of R&D and replaced them with proven theories that beat the S&P by 10 fold, can add $1 trillion of value back into the US economy, and most importantly have the potential to restore economic growth to its mid-century level.

Our Name

Our company name "Well Principled" pays homage to our previous startup years internalizing David Worn's incessant: "what is the well principled way to think about this?" Our culture and technology empower us and our customers to solve complex problems with solutions built up from fundamental truths and axioms. We replace ad hoc with theory-backed, "sounds reasonable" with sound reasoning, obvious with optimized and business-as-usual with extraordinarily valuable outcomes.

Our Logo

Our brand was designed by Katie Erhlich. The logo is a play on the letter forms of our initials in a classic Art Deco font, a nod to that golden age of American industrialism and enterprise. The negative space between the W and P evoke the "turnstile" ⊦, the mathematical symbol for "logical implication" that underlies our theory-backed models.