Well Principled Business Model
Well Principled Business Model
Our Hybrid Software + Service Delivery Ensures Outcomes
Software with Outcomes

We own the delivery of custom outcomes like a consulting company and deliver with the speed of a software product company. This hybrid model ensures our technology is creating value for your business instead of sitting on the proverbial shelf.

Deep Embedding

Our field team of Engagement Managers and Engineers partner with your org to remove blockers, customize our solutions and ensure value is delivered. We structure relationships with your leadership and experts to maximize that value.

How to Work with Us
Incrementally De-Risk a Path to Extraordinary Value
Exploratory Meeting
1 hour
Shared Goal Quickly assess potential for a mutual fit
From You Introduce us to the drivers and strategic initiatives of your business
From Us We briefly introduce relevant aspects of our platform for A.I. Management Consulting
½ Day Workshop
1 day
Shared Goal Deep dive on your business and our tech to select a Pilot
From You Help us understand the unique complexities and challenges of your business
From Us We provide a deeper-dive into our specific solutions relevant to your business cases
Pilot Project
2 months
Shared Goal Prove our tech’s value on your real business problem
From You Provide access to data/systems, subject matter experts and leadership
From Us Our Engagement Managers and Engineers demonstrate the value of our technology on your real data and systems
Deal Phase 1...
1 year
Shared Goal Deliver extraordinary value on an on-going basis
From You Continued engagement from project and leadership teams
From Us Our field team continuously identifies opportunities and custom integrates our technology to bring value