Well Principled Solutions
Optimize Your Core Marketing & Supply Chain Processes
Our Suite of Solutions Spans Each of the Processes Below
WP Marketing Solution Map
WP Supply Chain Solution Map
Well Principled Solutions
Deploy Results, Not Software Licenses
Optimize Cross-selling
Unleash the value of your historical loyalty data and capture the value of personalization through improved targeting, cross-selling and customer retention.
Optimize your sku portfolio
Maximize the success of new product launches and simplify your supply chain by understanding the current and future preferences of every customer segment.
Optimize Your acquistion spend
Disentangle the effects of advertising spend, merchandising, promos, discounts and other trade spend to optimize your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
Optimize Per-SKU Prices
Optimize every price by disentangling price sensitivity from seasonality, regionality, marketing activities and macro-economic trends in historical sales data.
Optimize Loyalty & Retention
Keep profitable customers buying longer and more frequently by revealing and responding to the unique early warning signs of churn for every individual customer.
Optimize service
& offer routing
Reduce your cost-to-serve while maintaining customer satisfaction by routing every service request and offer based on each customer's future lifetime value.